“Go Go, Boy!” (Director & Producer) in post-production


“Spit It Out” (Writer, Director, Producer) in post-production

“Leia’s Army” (Director & Producer) 

Winner: Best Director 2018 NYC Chain Film Festival
Winner: Best Director 2018 Global Impact Film Festival
Winner: Audience Choice & Programmer’s Choice Chicago REEL Film Festival
Selection: Oxford Film Festival 2019
Selection: Imagine This Film Festival 2018
Selection: Beloit Film Festival 2019
Selection: Route 66 Film Festival 2019

“Lost and Found” (Director)

Selection: DC Shorts 2015
Selection: North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Festival
Winner Best Writing: Magnolia Film Festival 2016
Selection: Gay Charlotte Film Festival 2016
Selection: A Long Week of Short Films Festival 2016
Selection: NYC Chain Film Festival 2016
Selection: New Filmmakers 2016
Selection: NYC Independent Film Festival 2016
Winner Best Directing: Women in Film International Film Festival 2016
Selection: KATRA Film Series 2016
Selection: Golden Sun Film Festival 2016
Selection: Ekurhuleni Film Festival 2016
Selection: Merlinka Film Festival 2016

“Lobster fra Diavolo” (Director, Actor, and Producer)

Winner (Best Comedy): Eureka Springs LFD poster with laurelsIndie Film Festival
Winner (Silver): Spotlight Film Awards
Winner (Best Editing): Broad Humor Film Festival
Winner (Best Fighting): Hell Yes Film Festival
Winner (Best Directing): WIFTI Film Festival
Finalist: Moondance Screenplay Festival
Nominated: Best Women In Film Award, Golden Door Intl Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Cannes Court Metrage Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Albuquerque Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Frederick Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Festival du Film Merveilleux
Selection: 2015 Chesapeake Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Salento International Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Golden Door International Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Chicago Comedy Film Festival
Selection: 2015 St. John’s Women’s International Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Hamilton Comedy Film Festival
Selection: 2017 Beloit Film Festival
Selection: 2016 Devour Film Festival
Selection 2016: Sonoma International Film Festival

“Camp Belvidere”  (Co-Director)

WinneCBr Best Feature, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Cinematography: Women’s Independent Film Festival 2015
Selection: 2015 Amsterdam Roze Filmdagen (Runner Up for Best Film)
Selection: 2015 NYC New Filmmakers Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Dyke Drama Film Festival, Perth, Australia
Selection: 2015 The Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Selection: 2015 Chicago LBGTQ+ International Film Festival
Top-selling film on Distrify
Selection: Queer Film Fest Weiterstadt
Featured in AfterEllen, Curve Magazine, Zij An Zij

“For the Love of Pete” (Director)

Winner: Audience Choice Award DC 48HFP

GRAS (Producer)

Selection: 2017 Beloit Film Festival
Selection: 2017 New Haven Film Festival
Selection: 2017 Sonoma Film Festival