Watch me star in the latest episode of “Momsters”!

A few of you have written and asked, “Hey Oriana Oppice, when are you going to do a project that has you grossly pregnant, littered with children, wobbly after a C-section, computer-literate, broke, exhausted, wielding a gun and a baby at the same time, and insanely murderous, all while having your story introduced by Roseanne Barr?” Kids, sometimes your dreams do come true. BEHOLD the newest episode of ‪Momsters‬: Momsters Episode 6


Screening in Washington, DC for “The Goblin Baby”

I finally saw “The Goblin Baby,” which had me starring as “Claire,” a woman who must work through her post-partum depression as a first-time mom. Lovely seeing all the cast and crew again, and happy to report that the baby I was constantly screaming at on set has forgiven me, and we’ve become the best of friends.

with baby2