In which I explain the purpose of this blog

Filmmaking (to include TV, web series, etc.) is a dirty, filthy business, but one that is a necessity for many of us because we love it more than anything. It is also an easy path to insanity, greed, resentment, and overall losing your cool.  The level of dirtiness could vary by location (New York and LA being the dirtiest by virtue of volume), but I do believe it is useful to talk about some of the pitfalls of “the biz” in general.  This blog aims to address a wide variety of opportunities for disgrace and generally douchebaggery to arise, and ways you can manage them.  If you feel an issue is missing, please write me about it, and I will attempt to address them.  The overall mission is to introduce a bit of reality and humanity back into your filmmaking world to make the process less abhorrent to all.  This is a place for directors, writers, producers, actors, crew, really anyone who has to work on a set, bless your hearts.