“My AD and I were looking over actors submissions for the lead role in my short film “The Immigrants.”  One headshot stood apart from the others.  I pointed to it and said, “That’s her.”  We were very fortunate to have booked Oriana, for what she brought to that project was a sense of dimension and depth to her character that exceeded our expectations.  To say she is a talented actor is a gross understatement.  Oriana is tireless, dedicated, respectful of others, and always shows up on time.  She brought an emotional intensity to every scene, always in control of the range.  Everyone on set knew she was the one to watch for. We were lucky to have her.  To my fellow filmmakers, get this woman on your project while you can still afford her!” — Glenn Thomas, Director

“It was very easy to cast Oriana Oppice as the lead actress in my short drama “Patriot Johnny.” Oriana has a beautiful combination of presence, depth, and vulnerability. She connects with her fellow actors and has a true passion and dedication to her craft.” — Arlene Bogna, Director

“I recently directed Oriana Oppice in the independent short film “Night Shift,” and I have to say that working with her was a pleasure from start to finish. She takes her work very seriously and brings a wonderful presence that raises the bar for everyone around her. I could tell right away she was looking to make great work and would settle for nothing less — and she succeeded. As she performed, you could see a burning intensity in her eyes. She completely enveloped herself with the inner life of the character and, in her most dramatic scene, brought the room to a standstill. She is a director’s actor, needing only a few words to bring herself to the point where she was ready to shoot, and when that point came, everyone knew it. She listened, experienced, and never took a take off. In short, she is everything a young director could want.  I’d recommend Oriana Oppice to anyone looking for a polished actor to bring their work to life.”  — Scott Schuler, Director